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Are you yet to consider using video at your event? In all probability, your competitors are already doing so, and we recommend it too for a few important reasons:

  • Introduction videos, background videos and video projections – to name a few – are such a great way of adding a bit of fanfare to any event!
  • What if a key speaker can’t make it to the event? S/he can attend virtually instead.
  • You’ve spent so long preparing for the event, why not capitalise on the built-up anticipation with a kick-off video?

In essence, stunning visuals are the most effective way of igniting explosive energy. We suggest:



The Powerhouse Video Team uses a large selection of video projections starting from 2500 ANSI Lumens suitable for meetings up to 15,000 ANSI Lumens for much larger conference setups. We also specialise in Multi-Display Systems and Edge Blending to create panoramic projections. We use Industry Standard brands, such as Sanyo and Christie, to give you the best quality.


LED screens

We keep on top of the latest trends and developments in video technology so you don’t have to. This is why we opt for Mitsubishi Diamond Vision IDT4 because it has set a new benchmark for ultra-high resolution LED screen quality. Just what you need for perfect images and incredibly pure, natural colours!

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