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For all your events in malta, from themed events to weddings we will come up with an event that will remain in your guests' memories for a long time
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Do you know one of the main complaints that people have after an event? They couldn’t hear things properly! Don’t let audio issues be a worry at your next event – the Powerhouse Audio Team is one of the best on the island, with solutions to suit every size, calibre and style of event.


So, whether you’d like us to handle your event audio from start to finish, or simply need to hire top-quality equipment, we can provide the following:


PA systems

We regularly service and test our sound equipment to maintain excellence. So, whether you’re throwing a small private party or a large-scale conference, we’ve got the right sound system ready to go! What’s more, we also complement equipment rentals with set up, operation and transport services.


Conference systems

There’s nothing more frustrating than tech failures when conferencing! This is why we provide a complete system solution for electronic conferencing. We use Danish Interpretation Systems because it’s the world’s leading brand in advance conference electronics. No matter how big or small the application, the system is built to meet the demands of multilingual interpretation within a global meeting industry.


Silent disco

What happens when the party is still going strong, but the noise curfew is all too close? Avoid the problem altogether by throwing a silent disco! We can broadcast music via a radio transmitter to wireless headphones worn by the partygoers – so those without headphones don’t hear a thing. The headphones are also programmed to offer two separate channels, allowing guests to switch between different styles of music.

Find out more about our audio systems