Powerhouse Ltd. Malta | PowerHouse Malta | Finishing Touches
Add a touch of elegance and sofistication to your event with red carpets, photo backdrops, gazebos, tents, balloons and much more
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Finishing Touches


Are you after full attention to all the fine details? We’ve got you sorted. We understand that it’s the finishing touches that take an event to the next level, and this is what we excel in.


Be it a wedding, a small intimate gathering, a corporate event or an all-out party – we can make your space complete with stage and entrance carpeting (think ‘red carpet moments’), fireworks, balloons, photo backdrops, branding, wedding arches, gazebos, tents, and much much more. What’s more, our tents and gazebos create a full extension of space and can be decorated in any way you wish.


We make sure that everything is weather-appropriate so that nothing takes away from the vision and ambience when it’s show time!

Let us make the finishing touches for you