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Dynamic face and body temperature detection

This intelligent automatic face recognition system supports accurate facial recognition and comparison even if subject is wearing a mask. It works by using industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared and LED dual photo flood lamp.


Features of the face and body temperature device include:


  • Dynamic face detection display
  • Industrial-class binocular camera
  • Live face recognition technology and infrared thermal imaging
  • It supports a 30,000-face database, 1:1 face comparison retrieval, face-with-mask and human temperature detection
  • It supports automatic alarm for body temperature abnormality
  • It supports the expansion of various peripherals such as ID card readers, fingerprint readers which can be applied to gate passages, and attendance systems to achieve safe and efficient access

Customer Count

This device consists of AI software based on a mini PC complete with infrared cameras that make it possible to observe, regulate or evaluate the flow of visitors in any venue at any given time.


Some of the features include:


  • Having a pre-set number of people allowed into a venue according to Health Safety Regulations
  • Identifying whether people entering the premises are wearing a mask
  • Automatically adding and deducting the number of people inside the premises and with the help of a traffic light system (green or red) it indicates whether a person can enter a venue or not.

Automatic Hand Sanitiser Units

These touchless hand sanitiser units, that also read body temperature, dispense sanitiser automatically once hand temperature is read. This enables a touch-free and safer experience.

Air and Surface UV-C Disinfectors

UV disinfectors use a particular UV Light frequency called UV-C. The ultra-violet rays are split up into four categories – UV-A, UV-B, UV-C and Far-UV (or vacuum UV). While UV-A and UV-B enter the Earth’s atmosphere, UV-C is blocked by the ozone layer.


The Air and Surface UV-C disinfectors, using UV-C, allow the destruction of bacteria, fungi and viruses including influenza and corona viruses from the air or any surface in the room and can be found in various forms:

UV Pro hangable units for ventilation and air conditioning disinfection that can be easily installed, are programmable and available in various sizes. These ventilating air disinfection unite ensure reliable disinfection of the air in sensitive areas and can be used in various spaces ranging from classrooms to meeting rooms, doctors’ offices to clinics’ waiting rooms and treatment rooms, and small production or office facilities to supermarkets.

UV Pro hangable units

UV-C disinfection handheld lamps that can disinfect and decontaminate rooms after hours or during breaks. The disinfection cycle can be completed in less than 10 minutes. This technology can also be used for cars, buses and even households.

UV-C disinfection handheld lamps

VX One is a powerful, manoeuvrable and efficient mobile UV-C disinfection unit with configurable power options. Its features include:

  • Automatic room measurement
  • Automatic UV-C disinfection cycle
  • Failsafe motion detection sensors
  • Beep sound effect announcement
  • Disinfection cycle records
  • Light aluminium body
  • 360° rotation
  • 180° 4 axis rotation
  • Extends from 1.6m to 2.4m in height
  • Customisable lamp power output
  • Compatible with all UV photons lamps
  • Plus and play lamp connectors
  • 7″ smart tablet for controlled user experience.

VX One