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Author: karl@whaledesigns.com

Working With the Best of the Best

  [gallery columns="1" size="medium" link="none" ids="17295"] As the exclusive member of the AV Alliance in Malta, Powerhouse has proven its ability to shine alongside the best international audio-visual companies in the world.   When you select an audio-visual company to work with, you’re right to only want the very...

Synergix Group Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Malta’s leading events and entertainment provider hosted a gala reception to celebrate the milestone. [gallery size="full" ids="17271,17270,17267"] Synergix Group this week celebrated its 25th anniversary with an exclusive event that treated guests to some of the company’s latest innovations. At a reception on 17 April, Synergix hosted a...

Creating an Enter Extravaganza for Oprah

Producing a show to wow one of the world’s most famous TV personalities starts with a good idea and a team of experts with the know-how to put it together. [gallery size="full" ids="17256,17255,17254" orderby="rand"] Powerhouse Audiovisuals & Events, a member of the locally based Synergix Group, were...