Powerhouse Ltd. | Light-up Furniture
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Light-up Furniture


Malta is all about evening events, and we’re prepared for them! Lighting is the easiest way to completely transform the look and feel of any location at night. Illuminated furniture takes lighting décor a step further as an innovative way of bringing sparkle and colour to your venue. It sets the tone and will make the evening more exciting and memorable for your guests.


At Powerhouse, we only go for the latest in technology and design, and all our light-up furniture is highly customisable. Fancy a change of colour? Settings can be changed at the touch of a button! Whatever the theme, our lighting experts offer a personalised experience to meet your specific needs and taste.


We have:

  • Illuminated bar counters
  • Full circular bars
  • Light-up bistro tables
  • Table centrepieces
  • Light-up cubes and spheres


Find out more about our light-up furniture solutions